Celebrity Psychics for Your Holiday Party/Special Event!


In addition to my individual availability to entertain your guests with a look at their 2015 astrological charts, this holiday season I am pleased to team up with my fabulously gifted and esteemed colleague, Ivy League psychic/palmist Madalyn Aslan. Together Madalyn, resident psychic palmist at the Guggenheim (and whose readings were the only ones ever… [Read More]

December Pride: Fire Grand Trine Unleashes the Lion Within

Bert Lahr, b Aug 13, 1895

On the one hand, this year’s transit of Jupiter in Leo has been a glorious boon to the stock market and to the theater. The casino on Wall Street is thriving and business is brisk on the Great White Way where the shows playing both on and Off Broadway seem to be as rich in… [Read More]

Sun-Saturn Meet-up in Scorpio


Such a Paradox. Still reeling from the impact of last week’s Mars/Pluto one-two punch (just ask Bill Cosby), the disorienting other-worldly effects of the Neptune station (standstill) lingers as the Sun now conjoins Saturn. This odd planetary combo suggests the extremes of intoxication and sobriety in the same breath and demands that we be both… [Read More]

Comedy Legend Bill Cosby in Hot Water

Image: Bill Cosby

Have heard for decades all sorts of rumblings concerning Bill Cosby’s lust and inappropriate behavior with actresses, models and attractive young show-biz babes. Now, apparently on the Saturn-return of several encounters dating back to 1985 with Barbara Bowman, there was enough evidence to deem her first-person account publishable in the Washington Post. As reported in the… [Read More]