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What's Karmic Relief ?
(If you need to ask,
you've had it too easy.)

We invite you to enjoy and find valuable info on the website of noted astrologer, entertainer, writer and broadcaster Shelley Ackerman.

During a particularly nasty Saturn transit in the spring of 1990, I coined the phrase "Karmic Relief". Since 1998,® has been my cyber home.
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The Devil's in the Details;
The Sun & Mercury Enter Virgo
Bill de Blasio's AstroLogical Chart
Horoscope Aug 19-25

Shelley's previous postings on
Culture Club:
Venus Enters Libra
Horoscope Aug 12-18

Trail Blazer
The Leo New Moon & NY Mayoral Front-runner
Christine Quinn's Astrological Chart
Horoscope Aug 5-11

A RARE Double Grand Trine;
Prince George, Born on the Cusp
Horoscope July 29-Aug 4

The Lion King
Full Moon Drama Greets Leo Sun
Mars Opposes Pluto
Horoscope July 22-28

Hold Everything!
Uranus and Mercury Stop in Their Tracks, Change Direction
Mars and Jupiter Conjoin
Horoscope July 15-21

Cancerian New Moon:
Mars in Cancer and your Emotional Boiling Point
Horoscope July 8-14

Breaking Bad
Outer Planets Spark Independent Spirit
Saturn Stations Direct
Horoscope July 1-7

Family Ties: Jupiter Enters Cancer,
Mercury Stations Retrograde; Venus in Leo;
Horoscope June 24-30

Gemini's Grand Finale, Summer Solstice 2013
Capricorn Full Moon
Horoscope June 17-23

Reel to Real- Dancing With the Devil
Venus Takes Outer Planet "Hit'
Horoscope June 10-16

Pipe Dreams:
Venus in Cancer; Neptune Stations Retro,
Gemini New Moon
Horoscope June 3-9

How Sweet:Venus & Jupiter Meet,
Mars Enters Gemini, Mercury Enters Cancer;
Horoscope May 27-June 2

Double Trouble!
The Gemini Sun, and a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse;
Horoscope May 20-26

Gatsby's (& F. Scott's) Saturn Return;
Mind Games:
Mercury in Gemini Dazed by Neptune
Horoscope May 13-19

May 9 Solar Eclipse,
Venus in Gemini
Mother's Day by Sign,
Horoscope May 6-12

Cinco De Mayo en La Ciudad
Mercury in Taurus; The Sun, Mars, and Pluto Align
Horoscope April 29-May 5

Earth Day 2013
Gold Rush - Scorpio Lunar Eclipse
Horoscope April 22-28

The Ides of April
Net Worth:
Venus, The Sun and Mars Enter Taurus
Horoscope April 15-21

An 'Exalted' Aries New Moon, Pluto Retrograde
Horoscope April 8-14

Batter Up!
Venus and Mars Conjoin as MAD MEN Returns
Horoscope April 1-7

Spring Breakers!
Full Moon/Fully Loaded:
Horoscope March 25-31

Vatican State of Grace:
Sun and Venus enter Aries;
Friday's Mars/Uranus Meetup
Horoscope March 18-24

Pisces New Moon/New Pope, Mars in Aries, Mercury Direct
Horoscope March 11-17

On Second Thought...Is Mercury Retro Ever Good?
Mercury and Venus Trine Saturn/Sextile Pluto
Horoscopes March 4-10

The Waters of March:
Venus Enters Pisces,
Pope exits Vatican Post;
Horoscope Feb 25-March 3

Oscar Gold:
Celebrating Myths & Film
Sun in Pisces; Saturn & Mercury Retro;
Horoscope Feb 18-24

Romantic Pursuit
Valentine's Day- Take it or Leave it
Mercury in Pre-Retro Degrees
Horoscope Feb 11-17

Snakes Alive!
Aquarius New Moon/Year of the Water Serpent
Remembering Ed Koch
Horoscope Feb 4-10

Happy 90th LIZ SMITH!
Jupiter Stations Direct
Venus Enters Aquarius
Mars Enters Pisces
Horoscope Jan 28-Feb 3

Saturday Night Fever
Air Signs Lead Week that Ends
with Dramatic Leo Full Moon
Horoscope Jan 21-27

Venus/Pluto Conjoin;
Hello Aquarius, Obama's Double Oaths:
WHAT Time should Prez be sworn in?
Horoscope Jan 14-20

New Year/New You!
Capricorn New Moon Jumpstarts 2013;
My Interview w (Mad Men's) Bryan Batt;
Horoscope Jan 7-13

Winter Solstice 2012:
New 26K Yr ReBoot

Ct Shooter's Chart (Like Timothy McVeigh?)
Horoscope Dec 17-23

Buzz Buzz
Uranus Direct on Sagittarius New Moon
Horoscopes December 10-16

Festival of Lights
States of Grace and Holiday Havoc Juxtapose Upcoming Galactic Alignment
Horoscope Dec 3-9

Command Central:
NYC Get Ready -It's ALL happening this week -
Mercury Direct, Venus & Saturn Merge as Mars & Pluto Conjoin: PLUS a Lunar Eclipse!
Horoscope Nov 26-Dec 2

Hello Sagittarius
Birthday Girl Scarlett Johansson Begins Saturn-Return in "Hitchcock"
Horoscope Nov 19-26

Solar Eclipse Zaps Scorpios Petraeus and Broadwell
Mercury/Neptune square off,
Mars enters Capricorn
Horoscope Nov 12-18

Off to the Races!
Mercury Rx on Election Day = a Y2K Deja Vu?
Neptune Direct on Sunday;
Horoscope Nov 5-11

High Tide: Taurus Full Moon on Money Axis;
Mercury Square Neptune, Venus hit by Uranus/Pluto
Horoscope Oct 29-Nov 4

Karmic Relief was 14 years old on
Aug 12, 2012!
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"On my journey, I've gathered some fabulous tools: great books and gifts, worthwhile links, and excellent referrals.

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- Shelley

‘ There will be Signs in The Sun, The Moon, and the Stars’
- Luke: 21:25

‘What I know the public does not approve,
and what is approved, I know to be error.’

- Nicolas Copernicus

This site is dedicated to
all who must
get it together & keep it together
mind, body, spirit, & soul ...
with lots of help from the stars above.

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Sun April 11 @ 2PM
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Astrological Society of Connecticut

September 17, 2009
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July 15, 2009
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Access Hollywood

May 25, 2009
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