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Solar Eclipse Salute

Happy 47th Obama; Venus Enters Virgo

By Shelley L. Ackerman
[From my 'Shimmering Stars' column in The Westchester Guardian, © 2008]

Photo: Rich Press

The Solar Eclipse takes place on August 1st at 6:13 am EDT at 9 degrees of Leo and 32 minutes. The “Sabian Symbol” (a revered 360 symbol mandala for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, first recorded by Marc Edmund Jones in a 1925 session with psychic Elsie Wheeler) for the tenth degree of Leo is: “Early morning dew salutes the sunlight”, a picture evocative of reverence and hope if ever there was one. Once again, I defer to Lynda Hill’s thorough read on this and other degree symbols.

Though this solar eclipse’s path is through China, (and is raising eyebrows about the safety of the Olympics in Beijing next week), and the Moon's umbral shadow begins in Canada and extends across northern Greenland, the Arctic, central Russia, Mongolia, and China, the chart in the US (at 6:13 am EDT) falls on the ascendant of GW Bush in Washington DC, and many astrologers have speculated a dramatic event, one that is possibly staged by the current administration, to compromise the lead held by presumptive democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama.

Another interpretation for the eclipse on Bush 43’s ascendant is less conspiratorial and much more obvious: It is the last solar eclipse before he leaves office (a lunar eclipse will take place on August 16th, and the next solar eclipse on Jan 26, 2009, just six days after a new president takes office).

Going with the dew saluting the sunlight symbolism, it would seem that a new day is dawning and the youthfulness of the dew would imply that Barack Obama will embody the hope that has been so lacking in recent years. The Senator from Illinois turns 47 on August 4th, and he is rumored to be at NASCAR in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. That would not be my first choice for the Senator:

I’d send him home to Honolulu on August 3rd, and on a flight to San Francisco or Seattle for the evening of August 4th. Those spots give him a better chart and better prospects for a heartier run in November.

Saturn-Uranus Opposition:

This morning (on the eclipse), the Wall Street Journal reported that Wal-Mart is "mobilizing" against the Democrats in an effort to halt potential unionizing their workers. The movie "Norma Rae" was released when Saturn was last in Virgo in 1979. History does repeat itself!
Exxon Mobil Earns Record Profits: Exxon Mobil’s record- breaking quarter amounts to $1,485.55 per second in profits. About that revolution…

Let the Sunshine In:

In sharp contrast to the ferocious and highly competitive Olympic Games on the other side of the world and the sickening behavior of the oil companies, the 40th anniversary production of “HAIR”- opens at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park on August 7th. The anti-war show by James Rado, Gerome Ragni, and Galt MacDermot popularized “The Age of Aquarius” and immortalized the Hippie movement and counter-culture themes of the late 1960’s. Originally presented by Joseph Papp, HAIR opened Off Broadway at the Public Theater in Oct. 1967 and on Broadway in April 1968.

Though I repeat myself (sorry for that), the “Make Love Not War” sentiment that the show delivers seems like a sweet and sentimental pipe dream in today’s cynical 24/7 “Bad News, All the Time” world. This production of HAIR is a refreshing and timely reminder of what it feels like to have some hope again, and I can’t get enough if it. Tickets are free, and you can get them by joining a “virtual line” online, at www.publictheater.org.

Chart: Leo Solar Eclipse
Click for larger view

The Planets This Week:* All times EDT.
July 31: Moon in Cancer v/c @ 1:30 am, enters Leo @ 2:22 pm,
           Venus opposite Neptune @ 12:30 pm
Aug 1: Solar Eclipse (New Moon) @ 6:13 am
Aug 2: Moon v/c @ 2:59 pm, enters Virgo @ 4:59 pm
Aug 4: Moon v/c @ 8:15 pm, enters Libra @ 10:28 pm
Aug 5: Venus trine Pluto @ 12:51 am
Aug 6: Venus enters Virgo @ 12:20 am, Mars opp Uranus @ 2:37 pm,
          Mercury opp Neptune @ 2:40 pm

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, a time of disconnect until
the Moon enters the next sign

Weekly Horoscope

ARIES: The bases are loaded and it’s the bottom of the ninth. Your team is in desperate need of a home run and you’re up at bat. You know you have what it takes to deliver but what’s needed to pull it off is a perfect balance between confidence, humility, and your sharpest reflexes to respond to last minute surprises. A deal that’s been slow to fruition is finally closed with the help of a noble ally. Thank him/her appropriately. The solar eclipse in your creative/romantic 5th house reinvents your wild and wooly speculator self - and it’s about time.

TAURUS: ‘Life-altering’, ‘big’, and ‘dramatic’ describes the changes in your life that seem to be centered in and around the home. These shifts may be startling at first and they will certainly leave you off kilter for a spell, but this has been a long time coming and there’s plenty of good attached to it. Help yourself through it by giving yourself permission to reinvent your surroundings in the way that you’ve dreamed about forever but have managed to postpone. The time is now and the money will be there. A little extravagance is entirely reasonable.

GEMINI: If your basic ‘rap’ and your ideas in general have been just a tad stale of late, you’re about to hit the refresh button. The solar eclipse in your 3rd house of communication (and transportation) will strike the set and clear your head. Go along with this wild ride willingly. And speaking of rides, assume not that all is well with your vehicle: The proverbial tiger in your tank may be acting up. Listen for a “roar” or any other strange noises that pop (at the most inopportune time). Is your AAA membership up to date?

CANCER: Though solar eclipses are said to burn a hole in the sky, the one on August 1st (in your 2nd house of finance) doesn’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket. But do be aware of and super responsible re: the ebb and flow of your precious dollars these days as you seek inventive ways to pay down debt. A hands-on boss who means well may be meddlesome and in need of assistance with his/her commute. Smooth out any clashes between said boss and a co-worker who is in the right, but who must learn patience and the politics involved.

LEO: Enter any and all contests that strike your fancy, you could actually be the 6th, 10th, or 14th caller who wins the prize, and boy, do you deserve one! Have your sunscreen handy- literally and metaphorically: The solar eclipse in your sign sheds old skin and leaves you a bit raw until a new layer can grow in. So while this is happening, make friends with and pamper your more vulnerable self and say “hi” to your inner child while you’re at it. A tiny escape to an arcade when no one’s looking is just what the doctor ordered.

VIRGO: And the hits just keep on comin’, don’t they? It’s been one test after another lately, and for the next few days there’s no relief in sight. Sudden and/or wacky behavior on the part of those closest to you has you feeling a little more alone than usual. At the same time, the folks you work with seem to be in the twilight zone. This is just a test and part and parcel of what comes with a rigorous Saturn transit. Things will begin to improve on Aug 6th when Venus enters your sign. Treat yourself to some new duds and a day of beauty.

LIBRA: It’s time for a bit of housecleaning again, the kind that rids you of warn out friendships that have grown toxic of late. Loyalty does not have to mean going down with the ship, especially if the passengers have been self-destructive. A few are worth keeping of course, and placing yourself in the right company will guarantee an immediate reward. The same cut-em-loose edict goes for an unruly partner or client. You can only take a certain amount of nonsense these days, and rightly so. Immersing yourself in negativity will compromise your health big-time.

SCORPIO: Whenever a solar eclipse occurs in one’s tenth house of profession and worldly success, a change in career is imminent. Though you’d rather be in control all the time, it’s in your best interest to not insist upon it right now and to surrender and go with the flow. You may be very pleasantly surprised. Keep a special (female) family member close, she may be just the lucky charm you need to insure a generous financial windfall when you least expect it.

SAGITTARIUS: A profound change in your belief system and/or your philosophy of life is on the horizon and the inspiring revelations that accompany this beauty will ultimately carry you to a whole new level of success. The most important benefit though, is not financial: You are now learning from the inside out, what it feels like think and believe as your former opponents and adversaries do. Take your time digesting and processing this enormous shift and give yourself some space to implement it all. An unexpected emergency at home may require immediate attention. Have back-up ready to jump in at work.

CAPRICORN: Your faith is about to be tested again-so what else is new? This time it involves a bank statement or a partner’s missing financial paperwork. Take this in stride and resist the temptation to blame anyone before you have all the facts. This could easily be a case of a simple misplacement by a well-meaning cleaning person who was a little too efficient. All will work out in the end when one of your ‘angels’ intervenes and relocates what’s needed at the 11th hour. If an elderly parent (or parent figure) wants to borrow your car-say “no” and offer a lift instead.

AQUARIUS: A business partner or great love/spouse is in the midst of a wrenching overhaul so keep your demands to a minimum and your support available if and when they should ask for it. The trick is to give appropriate signals for assistance without being intrusive. And if a bank, mortgage or credit card company does something funky, you have every right to call them on it and get it resolved in your favor. Believe it or not, as long as you are in the right, you do have the upper hand.

PISCES: Without a doubt, you’re in a ‘mad genius’ phase, and many of your impulses and ideas are downright brilliant. But as is often the case in these instances, hardly anyone is on the same page as you, at least not yet. As Piscean Albert Einstein once said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”. You don’t have to respond to any nay-sayers, just nod, smile, and chill: There are enough allies at work and in your hood to see to it that the powers that be recognize your input. A reward is imminent.